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Not a time goes by….

It’s hard to believe it’s been Nine months since my dad has passed away and not a day goes by I don’t think about him and still think he’s here with us only to be guy punched that he isn’t here anymore. Since the holidays are coming up it’s starting to hit me more and more as the time approaches. His last holidays with us he was in the hospitals and couldn’t do our usual traditions like me and him would always Cook thanksgiving,Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner along with shopping with him. I used to take those moments for granted and wish I could do them this year but that’s not possible. It hurts me so much that he had to spend his last holiday season in the hospital fighting rather than with all of us at home. The last two years my family has shrunk by three my dad,pappy and grandma and this year it’s going to be extremely rough not having them here. One thing is I hope he will be proud that from al of that he taught me how every holiday season I will carry on all the traditions and still set a plate at the table him and my grandparents.