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Celsius Energy Drink Review

First off just want to say thank you to Celsius for sending me some of their drinks to review for my blog. I always kept seeing these fat burning energy drinks all over social media and at my local supplement stores and had always been intrigued by them. My first impressions without trying them I was skeptical about this product until I finally gave them a try and finished quite impressed. The fat burning side of these actually work since I noticed a slight case of fat loss while using these. I really enjoyed the mixture of the sparkling variety and the green tea varieties.

Raspberry Acai Green Tea

I was never a huge fan of green tea since most have a bitter taste or no flavor at all so I decided to choose this flavor first to get it out of the way. When I first cracked the can open I got a refreshing scent of raspberry which was a little surprising. Upon my first sip there was a wave of different flavors that rushed through my tastebuds (the raspberry,Acai and the slight hint of green tea). All those combined made the flavor very refreshing and pleasant to drink. I was happy to see the green tea flavor wasn’t the predominant flavor which allowed the others to mingle quite nicely. It gave me a slight boost in energy that lasted an hour or two without a crash afterwards. 7/10

Sparkling Watermelon

This flavor was by far hands down my favorite flavor out of all of them. Just like any typical energy drink you get the carbonated taste and fizz but the watermelon here put this over the top and was one of the best tasting energy drinks I’ve ever tried. Upon cracking it open you get a very refreshing scent of watermelon which actually smells like fresh cut watermelon. When I took my first sip my eyes shot out and I thought to myself “holy shit this stuff is amazing!”. It didn’t have any artificial taste which a lot of the energy drinks do and it was actually pretty light and gave me clean energy for a few hours and seems like the common theme for Celsius drinks are no crash. 10/10

Sparking Grape

Personally any grape flavored product is usually hit or miss for me since most taste horrible with the artificial flavorings or just don’t even taste like grape. Another common theme is when you crack open these they all have a very refreshing aroma which is impressive for a canned product. When I took my first taste it was like a was eating a handful of grapes no joke. The flavor was on point but the only issue was that I got a weird aftertaste which I’m not entirely sure why. Once again though it gave me enough energy and focus to accomplish my tasks without that annoying crashing feeling. 7/10

Sparkling Orange

This flavor was my second highest rated flavor out of all of them since the orange flavor was very good and absolutely no artificial flavor at all. Upon opening the aroma was like cutting open a fresh Florida orange. You get that citrusy scent that is quite refreshing. When I took my first sip it tasted like a carbonated version of those old Hi-C juice boxes we all loved as kids which I really liked. Really not much more to say since the flavor and energy was on point and was just awesome. 9/10

Peach Mango Green Tea

I forgot to take a picture of the can so just pretend it’s right here in front of you. As you know by now I not a huge fan of green tea and I’m always skeptical of trying anything with it in the name. Once again this particular flavor combo surprised me with how delicious it was without any bitterness or that overpowering green tea flavor. The peach mango flavor was unique to say the least but they played off of each other very nicely which made it taste like you were on a small Carribbean island sipping on tropical drinks. The energy wasn’t quite as much as he carbonated versions but that’s okay since this is the perfect drink when you need a refreshing pick me up. Was very surprised at how delicious this flavor was. 9/10


All of these fat burning energy drinks were very good with some slight markdowns (I have OCD so don’t mind me). These are high quality fat burning Energy drinks that actually do work the way the are marketed and I highly suggest anyone who’s looking for a clean energy drink that helps burns some fat to pick these up since they will become a staple of yours for a long time.