Archive | February 2016

Why do I still do it?

I know when most people who get overlooked and/or hurt by the person they love they would just say “fuck it I’m done” but that’s not me. Some may say I’m weak for holding on and for keep trying but that’s not myself being weak since in fact that shows I’m stronger than most because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show how much I care (probably too much) and to show how much I love them. I don’t send stuff looking for a response I do it to make her know someone cares deeply about them and want it to brighten up the day. I can honestly say nothing can and will change the way I feel about her. I’ve been called crazy for doing all of this but that’s only because most can’t understand love changes you…it changes your body,mind and soul in every way. Hell I still get knots in my stomach every time I talk to her like a teenager. It’s also not a coincidence no matter how far we wander from each other we always seem to find our way back to one another.