Some don’t understand 

People become blinded by certain things rather it be a career,love or they are forcing themselves not to see what is actually reality. One of the most upsetting things is when someone tries to tell you what to feel and that you don’t feel something deep and only wanting you around when it’s convenient for them like when they’re hurting. Along with is when someone changes when someone else comes along or back and only talks to you when it’s convenient for them. Only keeping them around as a “pit stop” until something better comes along. It’s not fair at all. Hell even if the deep feeling is one sided that one person still feels the deep feelings no matter what. You can’t just act like you don’t feel it just cause it doesn’t fit someone’s dreamland. So don’t say someone doesn’t know what it feels like until to have an In depth discussion about what they feel and see the actually reality and not what you want to see so it fits your story.


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