Heartache is the key to wisdom

Over the last year my life has been one big roller coaster ride in terms of personal heartache and emotions. I’ve been through the highs and lows more times than one should in such a short amount of time. Between losing my grandmother,almost losing my dad twice,getting news my Papp has a year left of that and personal relationships it takes a toll for sure and makes you question why is all of his happening to me? I’ve learned over time that these obstacles are given to the strongest people to test just how strong they are and to teach us greater life lessons than we could ever imagine. Well once again right on cue two things are occurring and of course I’m questioning as to why once again. I keep reminding myself it’s life and a greater force trying to teach me important life lessons and to help build my already great wisdom. I’m not very good at taking a step back to let things play out how they’re suppose to especially when it comes to friendships/relationships but I got to believe it’s to prepare me for something amazing that’s coming soon.


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