Don’t close the door to your heart

I wanted to write this short post for someone very special to me who is going through a rough period in her life. We go through life wanting to find that one person we can’t live without…the one where our hearts skip a beat just thinking about them and the one person we couldn’t even imagine loving them more. Sometimes we find those people and sometimes those people come into our lives for a period of time not to stay forever but to teach us a valuable life lesson. That moment they go away its like feeling your heart has been torn out and stomped on which is a normal feeling and just the very first step of the healing process. You may think you’ll never love again or find someone like them again buts that’s wrong since you will since it was alarming experience about love and life in general. Just don’t close the door to your heart jut because of a bad breakup since that will only harm you. When you least expect it someone will love you even more than that person since they will be the one who opens your heart once again and a lot of times is that one person who has been by your side all along. Never close the door to your heart since love is what makes life worth living.


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