Nut Butter Nation PB Review

I want to say thank to Grant Ellie over at Nut Butter Nation for giving me the opportunity to review two of their spreads. I’ve only been following them for a couple of months but knew I had to give them a try since they use all natural ingredients,very macro friendly  and cause you know I’m a PB addict. The two flavors I’ll be reviewing are “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” and “RainForest Dark Chocolate”.


Upon opening the jar you get that warm cinnamon aroma which made me think of the holidays. I was a little concerned that the cinnamon would be overpowering since I’ve tried a few other brands which were. When I took my first spoonful I was pleasantly surprised it was an even split of cinnamon and brown sugar flavor. It actually reminded me of the cinnamon sugar toast my dad used to make me when I was younger. I’m stickler for PB’s that have a grainy texture which this was smooth with that little crunch of the brown sugar. You can tell the quality of a product by the list of ingredients which this spread has very few and GMO free. Overall I really enjoyed this flavor and would highly recommend it but be careful it’s quite addicting! SOLID A



I won’t lie I wasn’t so sure I’d care for this flavor since I do not like dark chocolate because of the bitterness it holds but once again I was way wrong. Upon opening you get that signature potent dark chocolate aroma with the roasted peanut aroma following behind it. As always I took my first big spoonful and I was surprised there was no bitterness to the dark chocolate and actually a very mellow cocoa flavor with that hint of roasted PB in the background. Neither of the two spreads had that sickening overly sweet taste at all since they are well balanced. I won’t lie I took another healing spoonful since I very much enjoyed the delicious smooth chocolate flavor which reminded me of a peanut butter cup(I know that will make a lot of you excited). The ingredients are top notch since they use organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter. For you chocolate lovers you need to get on this quick since you won’t be disappointed. SOLID B


These spreads were delicious and a little different than some of the ones I’ve tried before which was overall a great experience.


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