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Getting it off my chest

This year has been such a roller coaster ride for myself personally with so many obstacles that have came my way and it seems to be getting even tougher. The hardest part is seeing two family members health  deteriorating where it’s so hard to see them like that. One of them is my dad. I have put my life on hold to help take care of him and do anything I can do for him since he’s been there and beyond for me these 23 years on this earth. It has taken a toll on everyone in my family in more ways you could imagine. At times sure I snap and get angry  since I get overly frustrated but after I do that I feel so damn guilty since he didn’t ask for this and it’s a thousand times harder on him.  I have broken down so many times since I feel horrible for him since he’s not the same person he was just this time last year and he’s trying his hardest. It just hurts me so much to point I’m tearing up writing this since he really is my best friend and I could lose him at any point. But I will say this I would do it again every single time without any hesitation.