Never apologize for saying how you feel 

When I opened up and expressed the deepest wave of feelings that were flowing through my heart they weren’t greeted too well and in way damaged the unique friendship that I had. I was getting blamed for the damage which wasn’t fair since that wasn’t the actual reason why. Everytime I bring it up still getting blamed for it and sure at first I apologized for saying it but over time I realized I have not a damn thing to be sorry about since those were the words that my heart was singing and believe me it was an amazingly special tune. If anything I learned is I’m never apologizing for saying what I felt anymore but it made me embrace those feelings even more now. All o want to do is express them even more and stand in public and scream them as loud as I can. These feelings will never go away no matter what that much I know. So my advice is never feel the need to apologize for saying what’s in your heart. I refuse to let someone try to change my feelings to suit their life. It may not be the right time for them but fuck it and let them out!


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