The difference of a year

It’s quite amazing to think how much can change in just one year. Last year at this time my life was completely different in so many aspects but the one most important aspect has changed severely. Yes I’m to blame for a part of it and it was the most important part of my life that hurts so damn bad everyday thinking about it. I try everyday to fix it since it still is the most important thing in my life. I’ve learned though what’s important and what’s not and what certain things I need to focus on. There’s a few big changes that will be taking place where I would of never thought would happen this time last year. I’ve grown even wiser. The first half of this year has been hell in every sense which I know you have to go through hell and back to get the miracle you’ve been wanting/waiting for. So I’m just trying hard to be patient and hope for that miracle will come since this is the most important thing in my life and will continue to be so every since I met them two years ago. 


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