Archive | May 2015

Never hide your feelings

In life your feelings will guide you to what you want most and will play a important role in your life. Either the feelings sparked instantly or it took a little time for them to brew up to come to the surface. If they came on instantly that’s the special moment when everything aligned just perfectly for those feelings to come on about a certain someone(like it did for me).  When your feelings are that strong the one thing you do not want to do is hold them in since the longer you hold them in the more it will tear you up inside. So that’s the time to let them be known to that special someone since you will feel better to her it out in the open. I’ve always believed one never should hold it in even if it’s not the best time to let them out. That’s why I write these posts since these are my thoughts I think and I want it out in the world since I’m confident in myself and my heart is singing a special tune. You should be too since when dealing with feelings of the heart the best thing is to always let it out no matter what.


Missing someone 

This quote puts things into perspective  in a big way….”The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.”…When you get so close to someone and form a indescribably unique bond where you share every little detail about your life and talk to them every single day it gets very hard when that suddenly gets cut off.  The best moments of my life have been sharing what’s going on in my life but even more so hearing what’s going on in the other persons life. I could listen to them for hours and hours. That’s when you know you found someone special. It’s hurts bad when you can’t do that anymore or only able to do it with a few words. I know we will find a way to get back to this since we always find a way.