Archive | March 2015

When words aren’t  enough 

Anybody can say certain words to make a meaningful sentence and can say it to someone who they care about but there’s those certain people and certain times where words just aren’t enough to explain how you feel or how much that one person means to you. Over the last year I’ve said some very deep and meaningful things that came directly from the bottom of my heart and soul but even those words don’t do it justice to express how much this person really means to me. I want to stand on a mountain top and scream I love this person with every fiber of my being and that I’ve never felt this way before in my life. It all comes from knowing this person is the one…my soulmate who made me a better person every single day. She was the one who saw me when I was invisible. She makes me see the sunshine when it’s dark and gloomy. This quote really speaks to great lengths

They mark a before and after in my life that would never be the same since they filled a large void in my life that i was missing and I believe we filled large voids in each others lives as well. Every day we don’t talk it actually feels like a piece of me has gone missing. It’s not fair that it feels like we are being torn apart and Words can’t desecribe how much it hurts. She is the most important person in my life and yes  I am scared to death  of losing her. She came Into my life randomly when I was confused and hurting which she made those feelings go away instantly and it’s an indescribable feeling to be honest. I know that I will marry her someday.