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Cellucor G4 Alpha Amino Review

I was grateful for cellucor sending me a tub of the new G4 series alpha aminos try and wow this stuff is so amazing!! I have tried the old version of alphas and they were very good and thought nothing could beat them well I was so wrong since I’ve been using the new alphas this new formula is even better.  Upon opening the tub I got a scent of lemon lime which was nice to see and I noticed they made the scoop a lot bigger which I really love. When I first tried it I used once level scoop in about 16 ounces of cold water and shook it up pretty good and working seconds it was dissolved and no clumps whatsoever. I usually drink half before my workout to get it circulating through my system and half intra workout to keep me going to the end. The lemon lime flavor was strong in a good way and reminded me of my favorite sports drink but this was so much better since it doesn’t have the sugar and the flavor was intense. During my first set on chest day I noticed I was able to lift more and add more reps and it was like I didn’t want to quit thanks to the alphas. Usually by the time I get halfway through my routine I’m drained but not anymore since the G4 alphas kept my stamina strong and kept me focus until the every end. Also I usually drink a ton on water during my workout but it was really nice that the alphas kept me hydrated that I barely had to reach for my h20. I’ve never had an amino blend work so amazingly well and that proves the top notch quality cellucor put into this new G4 series. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who works out and is an athlete to pick up the new G4 alphas aminos since it’s the best around no question about it! 10/10


STACK’D Protein Pancake Review

With this being my very first product review I would like to thank STACK’D nutrition for giving me the chance to review their great products by sending me some to try out. They are such a great company and they are so kind and go out of their way to help you anyway they can. I’m very impressed by them. I will be reviewing five of their flavors today Original Buttermilk,Kokonut,Peppermint Mocha,Pumpkin Spice and Lemon and will review them on a 5 star scale.



Original Buttermilk
I wanted to give the buttermilk pancake mix a try first since my theory is you can always tell the quality of a pancake/waffle companies products by the ole stand bye buttermilk. When I was looking at the ingredient info I was very impressed since they only use all natural ingredients with no fillers and that’s important in a good protein pancake mix. Upon open the packet of mix you get a whiff of actual buttermilk which is a pleasant surprise since most smell chemically or bland. The instructions couldn’t have been easier (which is good since I’m impatient when it comes to making my food lol) all you need to do is mix in one egg white per serving and enough water to make a batter the consistency you like. Make sure you cook them on medium high heat so they get nice and crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. Cook about three minutes then flip and cool for another 1-2 minutes after then enjoy! When I took my first bite of the buttermilk mix I was in heaven since it had exactly what you’d want for that classic buttermilk pancake…it was super light and you can easily tell the freshness of the ingredients. Plus with 25 grams of protein this is by far the best protein pancake mix I’ve tried and that’s no joke. The macros on one serving is
232 calories,3g fat,26g carbs and 25g protein….5/5 stars


I have never been a huge fan of coconut flavored products which led me to be a little hesitant on trying this mix but man was I surprised. Upon opening the mix you get a scent of coconut and a slight sweetness. After preparing this mix the coconut scent really comes out while you’re cooking the pancakes. When I took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t have that overpowering coconut taste like most flavored items and there was a nice little sweetness there to make it actually taste cake like which lead me to really enjoy this mix. If you love coconut this is the pancake mix for you and I must say this will the ONLY coconut product I will eat and that’s the truth! The macros are
240 calories,3g fat,28g carbs and 25g protein…..4/5 stars


Pumpkin Spice
I will be honest I’m a huge pumpkin spice addict since it has that distinct fall like aspect to it and it tastes pretty damn good. I was so excited to give this pumpkin spice pancake mix a try and I was not disappointed at all! Upon opening the mix you get a really nice scent of pumpkin spice and cinnamon which smells so good. You prepare these just like the others but I cooked mine a little longer since I like mine crispy. When cooking your whole kitchen fills with the scent of pumpkin and makes you wish you could bottle it up lol. Let’s just say this pancake didn’t last long since I are this so quick I didn’t know where it went it was that good! When you first take a bite you instantly get that distinct pumpkin spice taste but it’s not overpowering and that makes it even more enjoyable since certain pumpkin spice products can get sickening since it’s too potent but these had the perfect amount of spice. They are very light and remain soft on the inside and yet has a cake like texture. Overall I’d say these were my favorite pancakes and I’ll be making sure I stock up on them this fall. The macros are 232 calories,3g fat,26g carbs, 25g protein….5/5 stars



Let me just say these lemon pancakes were so refreshing and delicate. When I first opened the mix that nice fresh lemon scent was a refreshing change of pace. While cooking these it actually smells like your making lemon squares that’s how good they smell. While taking my first bite you get a nice refreshing lemon taste that isn’t tart or too powerful it’s just right to let you know it’s there without smacking you in the face. As I kept eating them I was thinking what do these remind me of and it came to me…lemon squares!! I kid you not these lemon pancakes taste just like a fresh baked lemon square it was very good. I liked how the lemon tastes like a fresh squeezed lemon and not that nasty bottled concentrated lemon. It was almost like a palate cleanser. Next time I will mix in some blueberries. The macros are 233 calories,3g fat,26g carbs and 25g protein….5/5 stars


Peppermint Mocha
Just to be clear this particular mix I wasn’t a fan of because I hate any good that is peppermint flavored and had nothing to do with the product itself. When opening this mix you get that strong peppermint scent with a nice hint of cocoa soon afterward. While cooking these it smells like an actual candy cane which tells you the ingredients were top notch and on point. When I took my first bite you can definitely tell this is peppermint mocha since the peppermint hits your taste buds quickly which any good peppermint flavor should but I really liked the cocoa flavor came to back it up and made for a nice back up. If you love peppermint mocha lattes this is the perfect pairing for you since it doesn’t let you down for the peppermint flavor. The macros are 240 calories,3g fat,28g carbs and 25g protein….1/5 stars just on personal preference but 5/5 on ingredients and taste


Overall I recommend you to try all these flavors since the ingredients are all natural,top notch and the flavors are exactly what they say they are. I was not disappointed at all with these and these are the best protein pancakes I’ve tried. 

Saying goodbye is not forever

On this valentines day I hold a heavy heart due a very complicated obstacle that has came my way over the last few days. I had to say goodbye to my best friend which was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life since she was so much more than a best friend. She was someone who I loved with every fiber of my being and was a huge part of my life every single day for the last two years. Every time we talked a huge smile would appear on my face and was just an amazing experience sharing thoughts,ideas,fears and everything else with hers. She was always there for me which made me feel so special because her presence was so calming. She was the one who saw me when I was invisible which I’ll never forget that. I feel so lost without her since a piece of me is missing….my best friend. What makes it harder is that neither of us wanted to but was out of our control. Even though we ultimately said goodbye it doesn’t mean forever is only means I’ll miss you until we meet again BMCG.