Archive | November 2014

Enjoy the journey

I see far too often that people complain about the journey that they set themselves on and that’s the wrong negative approach. No matter what kind of journey you set your life on you need to embrace all the obstacles that come along with it. I’ve been at fault for not doing this but then I realized the journey is what it’s all about since you learn so much about yourself through the good and bad days. You will get knocked down a peg or two throughout but those are the times you must remind yourself why you’re doing it and why you want to see the finish along with many positive thoughts. I’ve been on many different journeys and each one has been a blessing because I’ve learned more and more about myself through each separate one. My message through this post is you will get discouraged and feel like giving up but you MUST always keep reinforcing all the positives and if you believe in it strong enough it will happen for you. NEVER GIVE UP!


What life is about

No matter what age or what kind of life you’re living you will always have certain forms of fears and dilemmas that challenge your mind constantly. Some you’ll be able to conquer quickly and some will prolong themselves until you either find the meaning of that certain one or it’s the right time you figure it out. Life can be extremely confusing which will make your mind cloudy but that’s when it’s actually most clear what you want out of it. I strongly believe everything that’s meant to happen will happen at the right moment and you just have to be patient. I’m not afraid to say when something scares me since that’s showing how strong you actually are to let it out into the open. This scares me death . My greatest fear is that I will never have the chance to actually show someone who is near and dear to my heart my true feelings and how I look forward to talking to her everyday. I know now isn’t the right moment to express this since things have been a little tensed because of stupid persistence and stubbornness but in due time I will find the right time to do so. Through certain blurry periods you really learn what your priorities are and who your priority is and that’s when you learn who is the most important person in your life. When you least expect it you meet people who are meant to be in your life now and for the long term. Then there’s those very special people who are sent to you since they are the other half to complete the puzzle and I know I have found the final piece since two people who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other in the very end.