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The key is patience

You always hear others say “patience is a virtue” and you probably think “yeah sure ok whatever”. Well overtime I’ve learned this is a very true statement that can teach you about how passionate and strong you are about the certain reason why you’re being patient. As an Aries myself I’m a VERY impatient person since it’s just in my DNA which leads me to get perturbed in too many cases. Throughout life you will come across certain circumstances where you actually don’t mind being patient and waiting for something you really want and believe in. This is the case for me as we speak. It all comes back to good things happen to those who wait. I would like to share a quote that I look at almost daily to remind myself why I’m being patient by Shams Tabrizi “Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. .” Always remember amazing things take time or else they wouldn’t be amazing.



In life there is no such thing as a easy path where everything goes perfectly smooth without worry. Many often try to find it but it just doesn’t exist. Obstacles are actually a blessing since you learn a great deal about you strong you are to overcome them or if you let the weakness take control and defeat you. I’ve had far too many obstacles to even count in my life and a lot more recently. The categories of these obstacles range from fitness to life in general but each one has come for a reason. I’m a strong minded person who makes my opinions be known so that backfires at times but never let that bring me down. The mind is the most powerful force around which causes many people to struggle with said obstacles since they let their mind play on them and only think of the negatives. I don’t let that happen to me since I usually always look at the positive side of things and that has taught me a lot in life. My most recent obstacle has played on my mind but I refuse to let it take negative control on me. One thing you have to remember is obstacles are temporary and if you’re like me very impatient but always remember there are certain things that you don’t mind waiting for since amazing things take time especially if it’s someone very special.