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People have always said that distance pretty much kills everything in any relationship. I call total bullshit on this statement.It will actually make the connection even stronger! If you’ve been following my last few blogs there’s someone who I just adore and think is perfect in every way. People think I’m crazy for doing what I do but I don’t give a damn what others think.I want to show her off to the world.Yes there’s distance between us but I will do whatever it takes to see her beautiful self. When there’s such a strong connection between two people nothing can break that up especially two crafty bastards ;D. No matter how busy I am I always make time for her. I’m a very passionate guy who is always trying to make her smile and let her know she’s on of a kind .Like I said in my last post I’m not a patient person by any means but something about her I don’t mind waiting one bit.


The soul is ageless

Ever wonder how two people can just instantly connect with each other? Your soul is that one thing inside you that is so unique and defines yourself. Sure you can be first attracted by the persons looks but later when you really start to get to know them that is when you can see deeper in them and see what they are all about. No matter what age you and the other person are that doesn’t matter one bit. The soul is truly ageless and that’s exactly how it should be.Throw age completely out the window. It is about the heart to heart connection that only matters between two people. Especially when there is that strong connection and the two souls combine into one.You can’t be afraid to let something happen that could be amazing.You’re not on this earth for a very long time so live your life and let it be fanatastic.I have always believed that things happen for a reason..

Hard work pays off

For the last year or so people have had the assumption that I have been handed everything that I have in my life right now. I have decided to write this post to set those jackasses straight. I have worked my ass off over the years to get where I am right now and have had too many obstacles to overcome. I had to grow up quickly when I was a teenager due to my dad getting sick and basically had to run my family while dealing with other issues. I am actually very grateful that happened to me since I learned so many things from that experience. I am a take charge kind of person who will go after anything I feel that I need  or want.I am not afraid to be persistent and be aggressive. I have also met some great people along the way who have taught me a few things about how to live life your way.  Right now now I have so many great things in my life and and DO NOT have to rely on anyone for any of it.I have my own car and pay for my own bills and groceries. People think that I rely on my parents as well just cause I still live at home until I’m done with college. The only thing is I don’t pay rent. I cook,clean,do laundry and so many other things for myself and wouldn’t want it any other way. I have so many big ideas for the future and will not let things be handed to me. I will work my ass off for what I want and these last seven years were actually a blessing in disguise.