Not a time goes by….

It’s hard to believe it’s been Nine months since my dad has passed away and not a day goes by I don’t think about him and still think he’s here with us only to be guy punched that he isn’t here anymore. Since the holidays are coming up it’s starting to hit me more and more as the time approaches. His last holidays with us he was in the hospitals and couldn’t do our usual traditions like me and him would always Cook thanksgiving,Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner along with shopping with him. I used to take those moments for granted and wish I could do them this year but that’s not possible. It hurts me so much that he had to spend his last holiday season in the hospital fighting rather than with all of us at home. The last two years my family has shrunk by three my dad,pappy and grandma and this year it’s going to be extremely rough not having them here. One thing is I hope he will be proud that from al of that he taught me how every holiday season I will carry on all the traditions and still set a plate at the table him and my grandparents. 


Celsius Energy Drink Review

First off just want to say thank you to Celsius for sending me some of their drinks to review for my blog. I always kept seeing these fat burning energy drinks all over social media and at my local supplement stores and had always been intrigued by them. My first impressions without trying them I was skeptical about this product until I finally gave them a try and finished quite impressed. The fat burning side of these actually work since I noticed a slight case of fat loss while using these. I really enjoyed the mixture of the sparkling variety and the green tea varieties.

Raspberry Acai Green Tea

I was never a huge fan of green tea since most have a bitter taste or no flavor at all so I decided to choose this flavor first to get it out of the way. When I first cracked the can open I got a refreshing scent of raspberry which was a little surprising. Upon my first sip there was a wave of different flavors that rushed through my tastebuds (the raspberry,Acai and the slight hint of green tea). All those combined made the flavor very refreshing and pleasant to drink. I was happy to see the green tea flavor wasn’t the predominant flavor which allowed the others to mingle quite nicely. It gave me a slight boost in energy that lasted an hour or two without a crash afterwards. 7/10

Sparkling Watermelon

This flavor was by far hands down my favorite flavor out of all of them. Just like any typical energy drink you get the carbonated taste and fizz but the watermelon here put this over the top and was one of the best tasting energy drinks I’ve ever tried. Upon cracking it open you get a very refreshing scent of watermelon which actually smells like fresh cut watermelon. When I took my first sip my eyes shot out and I thought to myself “holy shit this stuff is amazing!”. It didn’t have any artificial taste which a lot of the energy drinks do and it was actually pretty light and gave me clean energy for a few hours and seems like the common theme for Celsius drinks are no crash. 10/10

Sparking Grape

Personally any grape flavored product is usually hit or miss for me since most taste horrible with the artificial flavorings or just don’t even taste like grape. Another common theme is when you crack open these they all have a very refreshing aroma which is impressive for a canned product. When I took my first taste it was like a was eating a handful of grapes no joke. The flavor was on point but the only issue was that I got a weird aftertaste which I’m not entirely sure why. Once again though it gave me enough energy and focus to accomplish my tasks without that annoying crashing feeling. 7/10

Sparkling Orange

This flavor was my second highest rated flavor out of all of them since the orange flavor was very good and absolutely no artificial flavor at all. Upon opening the aroma was like cutting open a fresh Florida orange. You get that citrusy scent that is quite refreshing. When I took my first sip it tasted like a carbonated version of those old Hi-C juice boxes we all loved as kids which I really liked. Really not much more to say since the flavor and energy was on point and was just awesome. 9/10

Peach Mango Green Tea

I forgot to take a picture of the can so just pretend it’s right here in front of you. As you know by now I not a huge fan of green tea and I’m always skeptical of trying anything with it in the name. Once again this particular flavor combo surprised me with how delicious it was without any bitterness or that overpowering green tea flavor. The peach mango flavor was unique to say the least but they played off of each other very nicely which made it taste like you were on a small Carribbean island sipping on tropical drinks. The energy wasn’t quite as much as he carbonated versions but that’s okay since this is the perfect drink when you need a refreshing pick me up. Was very surprised at how delicious this flavor was. 9/10


All of these fat burning energy drinks were very good with some slight markdowns (I have OCD so don’t mind me). These are high quality fat burning Energy drinks that actually do work the way the are marketed and I highly suggest anyone who’s looking for a clean energy drink that helps burns some fat to pick these up since they will become a staple of yours for a long time.

The heart still aches

It’s been a little over two months since my dad passed away and I’d say the pain hurts worst now than it did the first couple weeks. The thing that’s screwing with me is I still think he’s still here when I have a question/need advice or just want to talk. I went to visit him everyday for three months while he was bouncing around to different hospitals and I still think I’m going into visit him and give him the latest sports/pirates news. I haven’t been sleeping too good and have nightmares constantly. My mind just still can’t comprehend how his last month my dad was progressing so good and was getting back to being able to walk again then BOOM 30 minutes that night after I left we got the call his heart stopped and they were moving him to ICU. By the time we got there he never made it there and we stood in the hallway watching all the doctors and nurses performing CPR then after 20 mins hearing the pulse flatline and the doctor walking out while I asked is he gone and he just shook his head. That still haunts me and really screws with me. His last three months it hurts me since he wasn’t himself then the last month he was finally getting back to the dad I knew and loved greatly. I know life isn’t fair but it truly isn’t fair there’s so many pieces of shits out there who get so many chances and disrespect the gift of life then there’s people like my dad who helped anybody he could and did so much for his family get screwed big time. Not a day goes by I don’t think about him and talk to him as if he’s not actually gone but just that I’ll see him later.

Nut Butter Nation PB Review

I want to say thank to Grant Ellie over at Nut Butter Nation for giving me the opportunity to review two of their spreads. I’ve only been following them for a couple of months but knew I had to give them a try since they use all natural ingredients,very macro friendly  and cause you know I’m a PB addict. The two flavors I’ll be reviewing are “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” and “RainForest Dark Chocolate”.


Upon opening the jar you get that warm cinnamon aroma which made me think of the holidays. I was a little concerned that the cinnamon would be overpowering since I’ve tried a few other brands which were. When I took my first spoonful I was pleasantly surprised it was an even split of cinnamon and brown sugar flavor. It actually reminded me of the cinnamon sugar toast my dad used to make me when I was younger. I’m stickler for PB’s that have a grainy texture which this was smooth with that little crunch of the brown sugar. You can tell the quality of a product by the list of ingredients which this spread has very few and GMO free. Overall I really enjoyed this flavor and would highly recommend it but be careful it’s quite addicting! SOLID A



I won’t lie I wasn’t so sure I’d care for this flavor since I do not like dark chocolate because of the bitterness it holds but once again I was way wrong. Upon opening you get that signature potent dark chocolate aroma with the roasted peanut aroma following behind it. As always I took my first big spoonful and I was surprised there was no bitterness to the dark chocolate and actually a very mellow cocoa flavor with that hint of roasted PB in the background. Neither of the two spreads had that sickening overly sweet taste at all since they are well balanced. I won’t lie I took another healing spoonful since I very much enjoyed the delicious smooth chocolate flavor which reminded me of a peanut butter cup(I know that will make a lot of you excited). The ingredients are top notch since they use organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter. For you chocolate lovers you need to get on this quick since you won’t be disappointed. SOLID B


These spreads were delicious and a little different than some of the ones I’ve tried before which was overall a great experience.

Getting it off my chest

This year has been such a roller coaster ride for myself personally with so many obstacles that have came my way and it seems to be getting even tougher. The hardest part is seeing two family members health  deteriorating where it’s so hard to see them like that. One of them is my dad. I have put my life on hold to help take care of him and do anything I can do for him since he’s been there and beyond for me these 23 years on this earth. It has taken a toll on everyone in my family in more ways you could imagine. At times sure I snap and get angry  since I get overly frustrated but after I do that I feel so damn guilty since he didn’t ask for this and it’s a thousand times harder on him.  I have broken down so many times since I feel horrible for him since he’s not the same person he was just this time last year and he’s trying his hardest. It just hurts me so much to point I’m tearing up writing this since he really is my best friend and I could lose him at any point. But I will say this I would do it again every single time without any hesitation.

Saying goodbye

I’ll be the first to admit I’m horrible at goodbyes especially when it’s towards someone who meant the world to me and was my bestfriend. The worst part is having to say goodbye when it’s not on your own accord a forced goodbye which makes it ten times harder especially out of the blue. There are things I wish I would of done differently over the last six months but that’s the past and I have to deal with it. I’ve lost too many people this year and honestly I’m sick and tired of losing people who mean the most to me. Losing your best friend is one of the hardest things to deal with…

P28 Trial Pack Review 

Thank you to P28 foods for sending me a trial pack of their products to try and write a review on them. I was excited to try their high protein line of nut butters and breads.  


P28 High Protein Bagel

The bagels were the items I was most excited to try out since I’ve heard good things about them and I wasn’t disappointed one bit! When you first bite into one you instantly taste the quality grains they use and a slight sweetness which made it even better. I like my bagels a little chewy and these were the perfect texture since they had a crispness and a good chew to them…just perfect. One of the best bagels I’ve tried hands down.

P28 High Protein Flat

First off I want to say I’ve tried so many different flat breads and have had the worst to the best ones IMO and this particular one jumped up very high on my list upon the first try. I noticed all of the P28 breads have a chew to them and I love that about them and with this flat being soft and chewy it was so good! Also there was that slight brown sugar sweetness that puts it over the top. I spread a bit of of their nut butter on it and man was it delicious! I want to use these to make quesadillas (I’m slobbering right now just thinking about it lol).

P28 High Protein Bread

There’s too many cheap whole wheat breads out on the market that are filled with so much crap ingredients that give other high quality breads a bad wrap but not this bread. I always say you can tell a lot about a product by the first bite you take and upon the first bite of this bread it’s nothing but high quality grains and ingredients. No chemically taste like a lot of other whole wheat breads out there. Once again that signature chew factor in all of P28 breads makes it very enjoyable and that slight brown sugar taste makes it great on it’s own plain. You can certainly taste all of the grains since they use high qualityingredients. Can’t wait to make many dishes with this bread in the future.

Now let’s move into the nut butters shall we? I think so!

Signature Blend

With all of the sample nut butters they were kinda hard and not really spreadable but that just made it easier to take a spoon to them haha.  I really liked how this was a blend of almonds and dry roasted peanuts which gave it a unique texture and flavor. This certain blend has cranberries in it and eventhough I don’t like cranberries all of the flavors including the cinnamon blended together made it quite delicious. None of the flavors overpower each other since they’re all blended quite well esepcially the touch of cinnamon. This was by far my favorite out of the nut butters.
White Chocolate

When you first open this one you get a sweet chocolate aroma which I really liked. I’ve tried many chocolate pb’s but not a white chocolate one so I had a totally different mindset going into this one. I will say it doesn’t have that overpowering chocolate flavor like a lot of there do and I’d say using a white chocolate makes a big difference since it’s a more mellow flavor and not as sweet which I appreciated. Overall it was very good and my second favorite flavor.
Peanut Butter

Ah yes here’s the ole stand by classic PB spread. What can I say except sometimes the simplest things in life are the best at times. This has the classic PB flavor but the taste is much natural than the regular PB you find in a grocery store. You can taste the roasted peanuts and not a chemically taste. I’ve heard people say these are too grainy but Didn’t get that at all. If you just want a classic PB spread with added protein go with this one.
Almond Butter

This one was the hardest one out of the bunch which made it a little hard to chew but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good quality spread. I’ve always preferred PB spreads to almond butters but I really enjoyed this certain one. Almond butter has an almost completely different taste and texture than PB and this one was pretty enjoyable. The natural almond taste standouts with only a slight sweetness which I felt could of used a little more since almonds are more bitter IMO. If you’re a almond butter lover who wants a classic blend this is for you.
Banana Raisin

As you may know of you read my precious reviews I’m not a big banana fan (yes I know I’m difficult and picky) but this was was pretty damn good. The best part was it didn’t have that sickening banana taffy flavor that a lot of banana “flavored” products have which I appreciated. The raisins I believe balance out the banana and the blend very well so you get an even amount of each flavor. Plus the raisins give it a little chew which you know I enjoy. If you’re an Elvis sandwich lover this is a must for you since it would make one hell of an Elvis.

Overall these are all high quality natural products that are very good but some I enjoyed more than others. I highly suggest you go pick up some P28 products since you won’t be disappointed.

Hank’s Protein Plus Nut Butters Review

First off I want to give HUGE thank you to Hank of Hank’s Protein Plus Nut Butters for being so generous and sending me a tub of every nut butter flavor to do a review  on them. I have tried so many different protein nut butters which have been very grainy and brittle which was a very awkward texture but not this brand. The things I liked most about these certain ones were that they had a very smooth texture and not overly sweet just the right amount.  You can tell they take the time to make sure each batch is to the highest quality since the aroma once you open them smells refreshing and you just want to devour the entire tub(I’ve been tempted every time lol). I really liked how there was barely any oil separation which is impressive .Also these are all sugar free! I will be doing a seperate detailed review for each flavor to give a glimpse how unique each flavor is. I will be starting off with my hands down favorite flavor which is Caramel Pretzel.  

 Caramel Pretzel

As soon as you open this tub you get a strong caramel and almost toffee aroma which smells like heaven! If that doesn’t make you want to dive in face first then you’re crazy. This is the first nut butter that I’ve seen actually uses ground up pretzels which gives it that extra crunchy texture and it’s a perfect combo. First taste test it tasted like melted caramel on a baked pretzel(I know amazing!). The peanut butter,caramel and pretzel combo is just perfect and the crunch factor puts this flavor over the top. If you want to try Hank’s nut butters this should be your first flavor to purchase since you will be hooked from your first spoonful.  


I just want to say that I’m not a big coconut fan and I was hesitant to try this flavor but I was pleasantly surprised. Upon opening you see the big flakes of raw coconut which shows each batch is high quality and uses fresh ingredients. You almost get a piña colada aroma which is pretty good. When I took my first spoonful being still hesitant it was delicious. You don’t get that potent over powering artificial coconut flavor which was a good sign. The raw coconut flakes gives this a good texture with the chewy and smooth factor. If you’re a coconut lover this is the one for you.  


Banana and peanut butter goes hand in hand and to transform the classic PB and banner sandwich in a nut butter is ideal which Hank nailed it. Upon opening you get that signature banana aroma and it smells almost like banana taffy. It had a refreshing light banana flavor which I appreciated since a lot of other artificial banana Flavors are just to much. Very smooth texture. Even non banana fans will love this one.  

Chocolate chip

How can you go wrong with chocolate chip?! When you first open it there’s actual real chocolate chips in there and mine slightly melted so I was pretty excited and decided to mix them in. Since these are all sugar free they’re not overly sweet and with the chocolate chips mixed in it tasted like a peanut butter cup. It has a very smooth and light texture with full chocolate chip taste.  


Let me start by saying even thought this is a traditional peanut butter flavor it’s not just an ordinary PB. This was my second favorite flavor since it took traditional PB to an all new level. You can really taste the roasted peanuts and the little hint of sweetness complimented it very well. It’s simple but it’s not simple if that makes sense. It makes a mean PB&J as well. Use this one in all of your recipes since it will elevate them to a new level it’s that good!  

Honey Maple

For this one the honey flavor and aroma is the more predominant out of the two flavors which led me to want more of a maple flavor. Don’t get me wrong the flavor is very good but the extra maple flavor would of pushed it to the next level. The aroma is of fresh honey and is very pleasant. The flavor is great but not one of my favorites.  


I had high hopes for this flavor and I was blown away with how good this was which certainly did not disappoint. Upon opening  you get that signature snickerdoodle aroma which smells amazing! Think of fresh cookies…and it tastes even better. The taste is very close to raw snickerdoodle cookie….need I say more? I think not lol. This one on protein pancakes will make you question where it’s been all your life.  

Almond Butter

This was my first experience trying any sort of almond butter and this certain one made me love them! It had a totally different flavor and texture than the peanut butters and had a crunch factor from the almonds. I don’t think anything can compare to this almond utter since it’s a unique flavor and very delicious. You can taste the fresh roasted almonds and a little hint of sweetness. This is  perfect to pair with any fruit esepcially a Granny Smith apple.  

Overall every flavor was delicious and of course I prefer some over the others but I recommend every single flavor on Hank’s protein plus but butters since they’re of the hugest quality and des heat ingredients which you can easily tell by the first taste. Order yours today and you will be hooked!!

Cellucor G4 Alpha Amino Review

I was grateful for cellucor sending me a tub of the new G4 series alpha aminos try and wow this stuff is so amazing!! I have tried the old version of alphas and they were very good and thought nothing could beat them well I was so wrong since I’ve been using the new alphas this new formula is even better.  Upon opening the tub I got a scent of lemon lime which was nice to see and I noticed they made the scoop a lot bigger which I really love. When I first tried it I used once level scoop in about 16 ounces of cold water and shook it up pretty good and working seconds it was dissolved and no clumps whatsoever. I usually drink half before my workout to get it circulating through my system and half intra workout to keep me going to the end. The lemon lime flavor was strong in a good way and reminded me of my favorite sports drink but this was so much better since it doesn’t have the sugar and the flavor was intense. During my first set on chest day I noticed I was able to lift more and add more reps and it was like I didn’t want to quit thanks to the alphas. Usually by the time I get halfway through my routine I’m drained but not anymore since the G4 alphas kept my stamina strong and kept me focus until the every end. Also I usually drink a ton on water during my workout but it was really nice that the alphas kept me hydrated that I barely had to reach for my h20. I’ve never had an amino blend work so amazingly well and that proves the top notch quality cellucor put into this new G4 series. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who works out and is an athlete to pick up the new G4 alphas aminos since it’s the best around no question about it! 10/10

STACK’D Protein Pancake Review

With this being my very first product review I would like to thank STACK’D nutrition for giving me the chance to review their great products by sending me some to try out. They are such a great company and they are so kind and go out of their way to help you anyway they can. I’m very impressed by them. I will be reviewing five of their flavors today Original Buttermilk,Kokonut,Peppermint Mocha,Pumpkin Spice and Lemon and will review them on a 5 star scale.



Original Buttermilk
I wanted to give the buttermilk pancake mix a try first since my theory is you can always tell the quality of a pancake/waffle companies products by the ole stand bye buttermilk. When I was looking at the ingredient info I was very impressed since they only use all natural ingredients with no fillers and that’s important in a good protein pancake mix. Upon open the packet of mix you get a whiff of actual buttermilk which is a pleasant surprise since most smell chemically or bland. The instructions couldn’t have been easier (which is good since I’m impatient when it comes to making my food lol) all you need to do is mix in one egg white per serving and enough water to make a batter the consistency you like. Make sure you cook them on medium high heat so they get nice and crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. Cook about three minutes then flip and cool for another 1-2 minutes after then enjoy! When I took my first bite of the buttermilk mix I was in heaven since it had exactly what you’d want for that classic buttermilk pancake…it was super light and you can easily tell the freshness of the ingredients. Plus with 25 grams of protein this is by far the best protein pancake mix I’ve tried and that’s no joke. The macros on one serving is
232 calories,3g fat,26g carbs and 25g protein….5/5 stars


I have never been a huge fan of coconut flavored products which led me to be a little hesitant on trying this mix but man was I surprised. Upon opening the mix you get a scent of coconut and a slight sweetness. After preparing this mix the coconut scent really comes out while you’re cooking the pancakes. When I took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t have that overpowering coconut taste like most flavored items and there was a nice little sweetness there to make it actually taste cake like which lead me to really enjoy this mix. If you love coconut this is the pancake mix for you and I must say this will the ONLY coconut product I will eat and that’s the truth! The macros are
240 calories,3g fat,28g carbs and 25g protein…..4/5 stars


Pumpkin Spice
I will be honest I’m a huge pumpkin spice addict since it has that distinct fall like aspect to it and it tastes pretty damn good. I was so excited to give this pumpkin spice pancake mix a try and I was not disappointed at all! Upon opening the mix you get a really nice scent of pumpkin spice and cinnamon which smells so good. You prepare these just like the others but I cooked mine a little longer since I like mine crispy. When cooking your whole kitchen fills with the scent of pumpkin and makes you wish you could bottle it up lol. Let’s just say this pancake didn’t last long since I are this so quick I didn’t know where it went it was that good! When you first take a bite you instantly get that distinct pumpkin spice taste but it’s not overpowering and that makes it even more enjoyable since certain pumpkin spice products can get sickening since it’s too potent but these had the perfect amount of spice. They are very light and remain soft on the inside and yet has a cake like texture. Overall I’d say these were my favorite pancakes and I’ll be making sure I stock up on them this fall. The macros are 232 calories,3g fat,26g carbs, 25g protein….5/5 stars



Let me just say these lemon pancakes were so refreshing and delicate. When I first opened the mix that nice fresh lemon scent was a refreshing change of pace. While cooking these it actually smells like your making lemon squares that’s how good they smell. While taking my first bite you get a nice refreshing lemon taste that isn’t tart or too powerful it’s just right to let you know it’s there without smacking you in the face. As I kept eating them I was thinking what do these remind me of and it came to me…lemon squares!! I kid you not these lemon pancakes taste just like a fresh baked lemon square it was very good. I liked how the lemon tastes like a fresh squeezed lemon and not that nasty bottled concentrated lemon. It was almost like a palate cleanser. Next time I will mix in some blueberries. The macros are 233 calories,3g fat,26g carbs and 25g protein….5/5 stars


Peppermint Mocha
Just to be clear this particular mix I wasn’t a fan of because I hate any good that is peppermint flavored and had nothing to do with the product itself. When opening this mix you get that strong peppermint scent with a nice hint of cocoa soon afterward. While cooking these it smells like an actual candy cane which tells you the ingredients were top notch and on point. When I took my first bite you can definitely tell this is peppermint mocha since the peppermint hits your taste buds quickly which any good peppermint flavor should but I really liked the cocoa flavor came to back it up and made for a nice back up. If you love peppermint mocha lattes this is the perfect pairing for you since it doesn’t let you down for the peppermint flavor. The macros are 240 calories,3g fat,28g carbs and 25g protein….1/5 stars just on personal preference but 5/5 on ingredients and taste


Overall I recommend you to try all these flavors since the ingredients are all natural,top notch and the flavors are exactly what they say they are. I was not disappointed at all with these and these are the best protein pancakes I’ve tried.